Software Development

Methodology, tools & development environment

In development projects, we use first-class tools and modern methods, adapted to the respective requirements. In addition to standard tools we have designed our own tools for our requirements, for an efficient and cost-effective development. The time savings achievable by this, means the assurance  for our customers, to finish projects "in time" and "in budget".

  • CA 2E (SYNON/2E) - RPG and COBOL for the development on IBM iSeries (AS/400)
  • CA Plex for the development of Client/Server and "up-to-date" web-applications
  • Client: C++/Java,
    Server:C++/Java/RPG (depending on hardware and operatingsystem)
  • Tools4Plex for performanceoptimization in the development of data models and the use of web frameworks
  • Tools4Plex for modernization and/or migration of CA 2E (Synon) Models to CA Plex (Java, .Net) or SAP/Abap
  • Tools4Plex for modernization of DDS-defined DB2 databasemodels to DDL-based DB2 databasemodels
  • Tools4Plex for the support of application migration into Microsoft- / Unix and Linux- / SAP - environments
  • Reporting and BI Integration (Crystal Reports, Cognos, BIRT) for all applications
  • .Net development and support

  • t4Process for intelligent definition, integration and control of your business processes

Project management, consulting, development

  • for business oriented projects
  • for technical projects

Development projects (examples)

  • ERP-System, Client-/Server application (Windows Client / iSeries Power 6/7)
  • ERP-System, Web-Client based on iSeries DB2 and PlexXML as the web-framework
  • Ordermanagement, billing, controlling, CRM, HRM
  • Modernization of iSeries software, creation of a web interface
  • Migration from iSeries software, DB2 and green screen to SQL Server  with web interface
  • Migration from CA 2E (Synon2E) to CA Plex and open platform (Unix, Linux, Windows, iSeries)
  • Database modernization, DDS described into DDL DB2 databases, Sybase into MS-SQL Server ...

Whatever tasks you have, we have probably solved once. And if not, we will gladly work with you to develop a feasible solution.