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Methodology, tools & development environment

In development projects, we use first-class tools and modern methods, adapted to the respective requirements. In addition to standard tools we have designed our own tools for our requirements, for an efficient and cost-effective development. The time savings achievable by this, means the assurance  for our customers, to finish projects "in time" and "in budget".

  • CA2E (formerly SYNON/2E) - RPG and COBOL for development on IBM iSeries (AS/400)
  • .Net for developing client/server and state-of-the-art web application
  • Client: C++/Java/ASPx/ASP.Net,
  • Server:C++/Java/RPG/ASPx/ASP.Net (depending on hardware and operating system)
  • tcWebUI for data is pure witchcraft
    No more expensive customization or development of web applications required.
    With tcWIB you can now easily and automatically create web applications based on your existing database.
    Use the opportunity for quick prototyping or for your new web application by automatically creating dialogs and navigation.
    Use different database providers and use your data across one or more databases.
    With role-based permission control and expandability with custom functions, tcWIB is the perfect solution for companies that want to save time and resources.
    Try it now and experience the benefits.
  • .Net development and support
  • Reporting and BI Integration (Crystal Reports, Cognos, BIRT) for all applications

Project management, consulting, development

  • for business oriented projects
  • for technical projects

Development projects (examples)

  • ERP-System, Client-/Server application (.Net Client / iSeries Server)
  • ERP-System, Web-Client based on iSeries DB2 and .Net as the web-framework
  • Ordermanagement, billing, controlling, CRM, HRM and more...
  • Modernization of iSeries software, creation of a modern web interface
  • Migration from iSeries software, DB2 and green screen to SQL Server  with web interface
  • Migration from CA 2E (Synon2E) to .Net web interface
  • Database modernization, DDS described into DDL DB2 databases, Sybase into MS-SQL Server ...

Whatever tasks you have, we have probably solved once. And if not, we will gladly work with you to develop a feasible solution.