Software Development

Methodology, tools & development environment

In development projects, we use first-class tools and modern methods, adapted to the respective requirements. In addition to standard tools we have designed our own tools for our requirements, for an efficient and cost-effective development. The time savings achievable by this, means the assurance  for our customers, to finish projects "in time" and "in budget".

  • CA 2E (SYNON/2E) - RPG and COBOL for the development on IBM iSeries (AS/400)
  • CA Plex for the development of Client/Server and "up-to-date" web-applications
  • Client: C++/Java,
    Server:C++/Java/RPG (depending on hardware and operatingsystem)
  • Tools4Plex for performanceoptimization in the development of data models and the use of web frameworks
  • Tools4Plex for modernization and/or migration of CA 2E (Synon) Models to CA Plex (Java, .Net) or SAP/Abap
  • Tools4Plex for modernization of DDS-defined DB2 databasemodels to DDL-based DB2 databasemodels
  • Tools4Plex for the support of application migration into Microsoft- / Unix and Linux- / SAP - environments
  • Reporting and BI Integration (Crystal Reports, Cognos, BIRT) for all applications
  • .Net development and support

  • t4Process for intelligent definition, integration and control of your business processes

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Consulting & Services

In your IT-Projects, there are many different tasks, that require interdisciplinary skills, conceptual know-how and the ability to coordinate the tasks and team members.

The TEAMCONSULT IT-Specialists start with an appraisal, analyze the actual situation and then express a bespoken list of recommendations, neccessary to succeed. We strictly look after the employees of involved departments participating in time.

Modernization and/or Migration of existing applications is an area of expertise for us. We thereby also migrate Synon2E models into CA Plex, while importing all the definitions into the Plex model. Synon2E is a RAD development tool for the IBM iSeries and CA Plex is the follower and is an ARAD-tool (Architected Rapid Application Development).

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