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In your IT-Projects, there are many different tasks, that require interdisciplinary skills, conceptual know-how and the ability to coordinate the tasks and team members.

The TEAMCONSULT IT-Specialists start with an appraisal, analyze the actual situation and then express a bespoken list of recommendations, neccessary to succeed. We strictly look after the employees of involved departments participating in time.

Modernization and/or Migration of existing applications is an area of expertise for us.

Analyzing Applications and Systems

  • Requirements specification
  • Documentation (also existing application systems)
  • Testdocumentation and -handbücher

Projectmanagement (PM) und Projectsupport (PS)

  • PM during the development of new applications
  • PM during the expansion of existing applications
  • PM during the migration or modernization of "Legacy-" applications
  • PS on conception and design
  • PS on development, migration and maintenance

Midrange- / Mainframesystems

  • IBM iSeries - systemsupport, operating, development
  • Client-/Server Windows <-> IBM iSeries, Unix
  • Client-/Server JAVA <-> IBM iSeries, Unix
  • IBM Host - systemsupport, operating, development


  • Design and creation on new or existing database models
  • Modernize existing databases (e.g. DDS -> DDL)
  • for most popular databases (IBM DB2, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)

CAD-/ IT-Services

Dataimport into nearly every SQL-Database from AutoCAD and CATIA, including a browserbased dynamic view of the imported data.