Consulting & Services

In your IT-Projects, there are many different tasks, that require interdisciplinary skills, conceptual know-how and the ability to coordinate the tasks and team members.

The TE@MCONSULT IT-Specialists start with an appraisal, analyze the actual situation and then express a bespoken list of recommendations, neccessary to succeed. We strictly look after the employees of involved departments participating in time.

Modernization and/or Migration of existing applications is an area of expertise for us. We thereby also migrate Synon2E models into CA Plex, while importing all the definitions into the Plex model. Synon2E is a RAD development tool for the IBM iSeries and CA Plex is the follower and is an ARAD-tool (Architected Rapid Application Development).

Analyzing Applications and Systems

  • Requirements specification
  • Documentation (also existing application systems)
  • Testdocumentation and -handbücher

Projectmanagement (PM) und Projectsupport (PS)

  • PM during the development of new applications
  • PM during the expansion of existing applications
  • PM during the migration or modernization of "Legacy-" applications
  • PS on conception and design
  • PS on development, migration and maintenance

Midrange- / Mainframesystems

  • IBM iSeries - systemsupport, operating, development
  • Client-/Server Windows <-> IBM iSeries, Unix
  • Client-/Server JAVA <-> IBM iSeries, Unix
  • IBM Host - systemsupport, operating, development


  • Design and creation on new or existing database models
  • Modernize existing databases (e.g. DDS -> DDL)
  • for most popular databases (IBM DB2, MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL)

CAD-/ IT-Services

Dataimport into nearly every SQL-Database from AutoCAD and CATIA, including a browserbased dynamic view of the imported data.