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As part of the TE@MCONSULT group the Frankfurt offshoot is mainly responsible for commercial software development and software consultancy. In addition to the IBM iSeries (AS/400) TEAMCONSULT GmbH is also positioned on the Windows platform.We develop Client/Server applications in the mixed environment of Windows client/iSeries server, as well as in a pure Microsoft environment with MS SQL Server as the database. In addition, developing web applications using JAVA, XML, XSL and XSLT, HTML and CSS on popular Web servers, is also part of our daily business.

Originally busy with the development and the maintenance of new and existing software systems, we have started specializing in the modernization and thus also on the migration of "old" or better existing software systems, more than 4 years ago to get modern, newest technology using applications.

An important aspect of this process is, to save existing business logic, rules and business processes to the new environment and technology, and integrate it. This is especially to protect your investment.

However, in order to not re-invent the wheel again and again, it is our aim to develop software as dynamically working blocks, wherever it is possible and useful. So that changes or extensions eg on the database, can automatically deal with the new or changed information.
This makes a software system easyer to maintain and helps implementing new requirements faster and with higher quality.


Mission is possible

As a software company and solution provider, we analyse the requirements of our customers and develop a convenient conception. We support the participating departments in all phases of the project.

Core areas of our ITK-Services:

  • Consulting and Software-Development for Client-/Server and browser-based environments
  • System i (iSeries/AS400), Microsoft BackOffice or WebServer and Windows/Java/Web Clients
  • Databases - buildup, expansion and optimization
  • Support and consulting in migration and
  • Modernization projects - existing (also "Legacy") application systems
  • Migration projects - Synon to modern WebApplications (.Net, JavaScript)
  • Projectmanagement with "agile principles and methodology"
  • Software selection, installation and training

We support our customers in every phase of a project

  • for a limited time or
  • for a whole project

while integrating our consultants and developers individually in existing or new teams. Our IT-Professionals act as a "mobile core-team" with the highest operational standard of flexibility.