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Your business application is based on CA 2E?

Certainly, there are some requirements on the part of the technical departments, which you can not easily go into because of technological limitations. Have you ever thought about replacing these applications? Maybe by standard software?

Yet these are tailored exactly to the needs of users in your company. And they are so valuable that you can not just "throw them away". So what can you do to enable your company to continue operating successfully and appropriately in the future? A big part of the answer is CA 2E itself, because it contains the complete know-how for your application. You just have to get it out and translate it into a technologically modern environment.

We deliver this possibility to you!

TEAMCONSULT has successfully undertaken a project that is important for more than just CA 2E customers. The result is tcWebUI for databases, our tool for modern web applications based on your existing databases.
Easily move your CA 2E applications to a new technology. Secure previous investments and at the same time make the use of new technologies such as web, mobile and much more available to specialist departments.

CA 2E Modernisation or Migration