A tool for shortening the development time by automating many manual tasks in the creation and maintenance of a CA Plex data and application model.
The main objective which we pursue with Tools4Plex, is increasing performance when using CA Plex development in areas, that take a long time to be without being overly demanding.
The design of a data model is not among them, for this is mental work. We all know that this is the most important work and the design of the data model takes as long as it takes.

When entering the information into CA Plex, there are many scenarios in which Tools4Plex can be used. Because in every project there comes a time when the design flows into hundreds, even thousands of triples, which are needed to capture the data model in CA Plex. Entities, fields, values​​, labels, logical views, inheritance, and much more. An everage amount between 50 and 500 and more triples are recorded to describe an entity.

Regardless of whether we have a new project where we can start from scratch or we modernize existing applications, built with Synon2E, with CA Plex or native languages ​​(RPG, COBOL, C + +, Java), the time of mass capturing comes for sure. And thousands of triples are then recorded by hand using the Model Editor.

Have you ever had the automatic naming activated in CA Plex? Probably. Have you renamed them all sometimes with meaningful names? Probably not! "Too expensive", "no added value" are some arguments that we always hear in such cases. To make this manually, is high risk, because you can lose the overview here and the effort can then be unmanageable - not talking about errors. But now, there is a light. What we do is "automatic re-naming" with Tools4Plex ...
Of course you have the occasional thought of "wasting" to define the rules for naming, but the once created, you can rename the thousands of objects in a jiffy.

We also wanted a tool with which information can be read from an existing database schema, to automatically create the data model in CA Plex. In addition, conducting repetitive work with consistent quality, automated in a CA Plex model.
Another requirement was, to have a tool that supports us in the creation of the user interface definitions for PlexXML, a WebClient Framework. We love to use PlexXML, but making all the necessary definitions manually can be a lot of work. Therefore, we have designed and developed some functions that relieve us of this work and guarantee consistently high quality.